Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Natural, Neutral Accessory


The Natural, Neutral Nude is a must for all seasons of the year! This Harpers Bazaar page was a great inspiration for finding just the right accessory for the Spring and Summer. There are many 60's, 70's and 80's influences in this spread. loves to follow the trends of the season and this is one of my favorites!

This 1960's Sydney of California Handbag comes in alligator skin, a rich neutral tan hue that has the signature 60's flare with a single strap and gold hardware. This beautiful one of a kind handbag retails for just $95 and can add so much to a life long handbag collection.

To complete the final accessory look you must have the perfect looking shoe, not to mention comfort. These fantastic 1980's Evan-Picone Pumps come in tan leather and has just the right heel height for a fabulous neutral look! You can find these amazing heel at for just $25. Keep it stylish and affordable!

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