Friday, December 16, 2011

Striped Nautical

This Harper's Bazaar page offers a colorful nautical themed trend, filled with striped shirts, pants, and accessories in rich gold which is very Coco Chanel!
I have a few great items which are fun and inspired by this tear for the winter/spring season!

This 1960's Jantzen's short sleeve shirt doubles as a bathing suit cover with it's nylon mesh fabric and bold navy blue and light grey nautical themed stripes with beautiful vintage navy blue buttons. This blouse is listed for $13.50 on 

These 1980's Bluette Gold Clip On Earrings follow the Nautical attire theme with the signature gold buckle in a textured finish. These earrings are sold for just $8 on

Monday, November 21, 2011

Tans and Nudes For Winter

While flipping through Harpers Bazaar November Issue, I came across this Bare Essentials page which includes a variety of tans and camel toned apparel and accessories for the winter.

This Winter Coat comes in a warm camel tone and is a perfect fit into the fall color guidelines, is neutral and work with all colors in your wardrobe. With a camel tone exterior and a winter off white interior, this coat is vintage, stylish and will keep you warm! This coat is listed for just $35

This clutch/handbag comes in a rich golden fabric, and doubles as a clutch and handbag with a gold hideaway chain. This purse is listed for just $9, it wont break the bank and you will be set in style!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Windowpane Prints

Flipping through the October issue of Vogue, I found this Gridlock article featuring plaids and windowpane like prints, which have such a great 80's feel. I whipped through my catalog to search for windowpane inspired prints.

 I found this 1980's Ilya Ladies Blouse which comes  in navy blue and has a beautiful white windowpane printed fabric. You can buy this blouse for $12.50 at 

In need of a colorful accessory? has a few scarves that fit the windowpane and block printed plaid styles. This polyester scarf is available for just $7. You don't have to spend a lot to be in style!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tortoise Shell

 This Septembers Fall Harpers Bazaar Issue       featured Tortoise inspired accessories, which I fell in love with and recognize from FreshandSwanky. Tortoise adds a strong blend of nature and color to a look and always achieves a chic style.

Here is a beautiful Vintage 1960's Orange Handbag featuring a Tortoise Lucite Clasp Closure. This bag is made of man made materials (animal friendly), but looks rich and chic with the tortoise clasp. A great find for Fall, and should fit right in with any neutral earth tones in your closet. This handbag is listed at $13.50 on

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Bow Tie Blouse

The Bow Tie Look is back and I found this article in Vogue's September Issue and had to post it. I have always been a fan of this look and think it's timeless.

Here is a 1980's Pendleton Bow Tie Blouse in grey, pink and violet floral and leaf print. It's a vintage way to wear the current styles but in keeping originality. This Blouse is on $12.50 on

Followed by a 1980's Vintage Lee Mar Black and White Polka Dot Blouse always a classic and simply wearable with anything! If your looking for a great deal on a classic blouse, this is only $12.50 sold on

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fun Fall Knits

Elle Magazine

While flipping through my September issue of Elle Magazine, I found this fun page on Graphic Knits in different colors and shapes and I set out to find some fun Fall Sweaters. The graphic knits listed on this page are priced from $70-$1800.


I found this 1980's Acrylic Knit by Miceli while shopping in Portland,Oregon and thought it was a great fit for FreshandSwanky. So in keeping up with the fall trends, but wearing original vintage from the 80's, I cant think of anything better! Oh, and the list price is just $25.