Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Swanky Silver

My inspiration this week was this Editors Choice on Silver from the February Issue of Harpers Bazaar. This highlights accessories all in a beautiful metallic silver with very 40's and 70's references. I happen to love both eras of fashion, and find them very inspirational while adding a touch of glamour to your look!

This 1980's Blouse by Sequel comes in a silver, metallic polyester and has short sleeves, an open neckline and a is a perfect touch of silver without being overly dramatic.
This blouse is for sale on
for just $13.50 and is an affordable way to achieve your fashion flare.

Not to forget the all important accessory, your beautiful 1960's Faye Mell Handbag in Silver and Gold. This handbag is in mint condition, and is a very unique piece to complete your look!
You can purchase this handbag on 
for just $53.50. 

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